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30 Days a Vegan

A few weeks ago I went away with some friends to go play in a netball tournament, and we decided to cook all our food together out of ease. There were a few girls who were veggie and then one girl who was vegan. Thankfully, none of us were hugely fussy, so we were happy to have mainly vegan and veggie food. After a weekend of the stuff, I realised that actually veggie/vegan food can be tasty and you actually bulk out your meals (i.e. we had fajitas but as the protein, we used kidney beans). Now although I didn’t feel hugely different over a weekend, if not, worse (mainly due to the copious amounts of alcohol I had). I thought I would give being vegan a go to:

  1. See how my body responded to 30 days of veganism and see if my weight or energy levels will change
  2. Let me get a bit creative with my recipes, as I meal prep on a Sunday anyway
  3. Try and expose myself to different flavours and a different lifestyle.

Now, after looking into being vegan, a con that I anticipated would happen would be that because I was going to have to really push to meet my protein intake, my carbs were naturally going to be higher. Which goes against every weight loss plan out there basically. So I have decided to keep tracking my macros and calories to make sure that I stay in my range, but also just to see if my theory was right.

There are lots of pros to being vegan. You naturally increase your vegetable intake, which leads to health benefits such as low cholesterol and naturally low in saturated fats. It also increases my antioxidant intake. However, apart from the obvious, i.e. missing out on chocolate and chicken (my two favourite foods), there is also talk that you can miss out on essential vitamins and minerals. A lot of a person’s vitamin D levels come from animal produce. So if this is being cut out, then you are lacking that. Now I may be able to cope in the summer months, especially now that the sun has finally decided to make an appearance. But already, I can see that a vegan would need to be adding their own supplements to make up for what they are missing out on.

Now although I have said 30 days, I am not going to be too strict on myself. I don’t want to be that difficult person going to someone’s house for dinner and they are having to worry about cooking for a vegan. I am not going to be difficult about it. But as much as I can when I am out for dinner and then when I am cooking for myself, I will be eating vegan. I am aiming for a 90:10 vegan to normal ratio with my diet in the next 30 days.


I will be posting my recipes and progress on here


and keep you updated!

So watch this space!


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