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Get those glutes going…

Your glutes are one the most important muscle groups in the body. There are three glute muscles; glute max, glute medium and glute minimus. The glutes are important for many reasons.

Glute max

This muscle is one of the biggest in the body. Its most powerful action is to ensure the body maintains an erect position. Movements such as coming up from a squat is what switches on the glute max the most.

Glute med & Glute min

These two have very similar functions in stabilising the leg and pelvis in single leg stance (it ensure s that your hip does not drop).


These are just some of the reasons why it’s important to keep them strong but in this day and age they become weak simply from the desk based job the majority of the population have now. When you are sat at a desk for 8 hours a day, your glutes are on full stretch, which means they would weaken and have less power output. They best to describe it is if you imagine an elastic band that has been held on a stretch, when you then go to ping it, it wouldn’t ping as well as an elastic band that has not been on stretch (if that makes any sense)?


Yes squats, lunges, deadlifts are all good exercises to be doing to strengthen the glutes. However, what I found when I started doing those exercise, my quads and hamstrings wanted to be doing a lot more than my actual glutes. So below I have shown some glute activation exercises that I do before I do my heavy lifting to help switch them on.


Glute Activation Circuit

60 second of each exercise, three rounds

  • Banded crab walk


  • Banded monster walks


  • Hip extension


  • Hip abduction


  • Banded clam


You should really start to feel a burn in your glutes from just these exercises!


    1. Hiya! Yes the bands are a really great way of activating the glutes but they are actually a really versatile piece of equipment. I use them not only for my own training but also for rehabing my patients. Thanks for the invite to the group, I will take a look and share!

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