The final first

17th April 2017. D-day. I am starting a new journey with an incredible personal trainer...

17th April 2017. D-day. I am starting a new journey with an incredible personal trainer, Claire Aves. Claire is a WBFF (world beauty fitness and fashion) European pro champion, and my god, she is incredible. If you take a quick peak at her instagram, you can see a) that she is a huge inspiration to anyone who is slightly interested in fitness and b) her body is incredible – one she has obviously worked so hard to get. I have already had a quick 20minute consultation with Claire about my goals and what I want to achieve from both an aesthetic and personal aspect – so as of the date above, Claire will be helping me work towards my goals in the 14weeks I have with her.

Claire has sent me through my workouts for the first two weeks and I am already anticipating she is going to be putting me through my paces. The plan is for the first two weeks, I will be weight training 13 of the 14 days, with fasted cardio 3 times a week on top of this. The aim for the first two weeks is to burn as much fat as possible – and I am already nervously excited to get started!

Now I am the serial yo-yo dieter. I have done it all. I have done no carbs, low carbs, high protein, high fat, low calorie, 5:2, intermittent fasting,.. All of it. Although I can find it difficult to motivate myself to go to the gym sometimes, I find the exercise aspect easier than the food. But none-the-less, I feel as if I needed a little kick start to get into routine and find an expert in the area, and Claire seems like the ideal person. She is going to help motivate me when going to the gym, improve my form on certain exercises as well as advise me on what is going to be the best diet to adhere to – and if you look at her pictures, she obviously knows what she is talking about.

So I will be keeping you guys updated on how it goes!

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